Educational & Social Services Organization


The very first founding efforts of HESSO started from a kitchen in rural village of Afghanistan. Initially, in 2002, a few girls started their basic education in Sheikh Yasin Village, Khawat Valley, Chak District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. The home school was registered the following year as one of the first girls school with the valley. These and other efforts by local elders and international organizations led to the establishment of the first official school for girls.


Inspired by the achievements of the school, the founders established the Hode Educational and Social Services Organization (HESSO) in October 2015. The organization is now aiming at promoting education in rural areas of Afghanistan where millions of children, in particular girls are deprived of education due to conflict, tribal cultures and economic factor. HESSO is committed to identifying successful community models for education and potentially applying those models to the rest of the country.


Founded by committed community leaders, the Organization has a solid network of education activists in Central, Southern and Southeastern Afghanistan. The wealth of experience and knowledge coming from those rural activists is the unique asset of the organization which will inspire a long term change in the Afghan rural community.






Kabul, Afghanistan